How can I pay to my express account?

In Zebpay app’s latest version (Android 1.0.98 and iOS 1.0.54), we have introduced dedicated express transfer facility. In this feature, you will receive a faster credit of funds in your Rs account after you make payment to Zebpay.

Using this option, you can pay to Zebpay via RTGS / NEFT or IMPS. After you make the payment, you’ll see the amount in your Zebpay Rs account within 2 hours instead of the current time of 1 working day that we take.  

To place deposit order with the express transfer, follow steps as shown below:


  1. Click on Deposit option on your home screen. On Rs Deposit screen, select payment mode “Express Transfer”.
  2. Enter the amount you want to deposit. After you agree and continue to the deposit process, Zebpay bank details (to which you have to make payment via RTGS / NEFT or IMPS transferred) will be displayed. Click next and proceed.
  3. Verify your bank details from which the transaction will be done. Click on “Place deposit order” to proceed.
  4. You have now placed your Rs deposit order. After you make the payment, we shall verify and process the amount so that it’s visible in your Zebpay Rs account. Summary of all Rs deposit order placed can be seen from “My Transactions” section.

 Special instructions for Kotak bank customers

For users with Kotak bank account, steps required to transfer the amount via express account is different.

Kotak bank account holders are required to follow the steps below to complete their deposit to Zebpay Rs account:

1. Login to your Kotak bank net banking portal, go to “More” and click on “eTAX”.


2. Click “Special Transactions”, enter the details of your newly allotted express account number and complete your transfer.


Please note: You need to make payments from your verified bank account only, else the amount won't be credited and will be refunded back.

It is our top most priority that you should be able to make payment easily and get the instant credit of the amount in their Zebpay Rs account so that you can buy bitcoins at the rate you want. This is a major upgrade towards this direction.

We continue to work hard to bring the best cryptocurrency experience to India.




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    Naveenkumar C N

    Express transfer is not showing in Android app. Which of there payment method is faster to get processed NEFT or IMPS ?

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