Open order book UI - explained

Here is your go-to guide to understanding the functionality and technicality of how an open order book operates. Let's go screen by screen.

1. To start trading, you can click on "Trade" from your home screen. For any specific function, like buy or sell, you can directly click on "buy" or "sell" from your home screen.


2. After clicking on "trade" or "buy" from home screen, you are now on the screen shown below. Let's understand the different sections of the screen and what do they signify

Last rate price - This tells you the cryptocurrency price at which the last transaction was processed from the open order book.

Buy/Sell - This is the latest buy or sell price requested by another trader and is currently in open order book.

Price - The difference between current price and the average price of last 24 hours.

Volume - The volume of cryptocurrency that was traded in the last 24 hours.

Balance - Cryptocurrency balance and Rs balance in your account.

Set price - Price at which you want to trade cryptocurrency for. To know how to set price, click here.

Fees - Click on fees to understand trading fees applicable to the market maker and taker.

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3. My Order - You will able to view the list of all buy or sell orders placed by you that are pending to be processed.

Buy (in green) - List of all pending buy orders
Sell (in red) - List of all pending sell orders

Quantity - Your buy or sell cryptocurrency quantity order, pending to be processed.

Price - The price at which you have placed cryptocurrency buy or sell order.

Amount - Order amount to buy or sell cryptocurrency. In case of buy cryptocurrency, this amount will be deducted from your Rs balance, after applicable fees. In case of sell cryptocurrency, this amount will be added to your Rs balance, after applicable fees.

Time - The time at which the order was placed. This will be shown in seconds, minutes or hours accordingly.

Open Quantity / Quantity - As shown below, you can see 0.006 twice. The upper value is the open quantity and the lower value is the order quantity. Open quantity is the quantity of cryptocurrency pending to be processed. This happens when your order has been partially processed. After partial completion, the amount will also be updated as per price and open quantity. Click here to know more about the partial order.


4. Book - You will be able to view all the open buy or sell trades currently under process.

Spread - Difference in the last buy order and first sell order. This will give you an idea of the current difference in cryptocurrency buy and sell price.


5. In history, you can view all your processed buy or sell orders till date.


Happy Trading :)

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