How is my Zebpay wallet secured?

Zebpay takes care of the highest security standards so you don't have to. Your Zebpay wallet is linked with your mobile number. With Zebpay, you don't have to take backup of your Zebpay bitcoin wallet.

In addition, all your transactions are protected with a 4 digit PIN to verify transactions in case you lose your mobile phone. We also have maximum transactions limits.

In case you lose your mobile phone, you don't have to worry. Once you get your new SIM card, you can simply register with your existing mobile number and your bitcoins will be available as in your earlier phone.

Zebpay is a hosted bitcoin wallet. That is the private keys of your bitcoins are with Zebpay. We manage the security of your wallet. For storing higher quantities of bitcoins, we suggest you control the private keys of your bitcoins. To do this, you can open a wallet with any other reputed wallet service provider, example, BitGo (Please note that Zebpay is not associated with any other such company). In this case, when you buy bitcoins from Zebpay, you can move your bitcoins to any other wallet of your choice. You can also keep majority of your bitcoins in such wallets and keep a small quantity in Zebpay.

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