How can I move my Zebpay Bitcoin balance to another mobile number?

Your Zebpay Bitcoin balance is linked with your mobile number. if you lose access to your mobile number then it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to move the Bitcoin balance to another number. We will not move the balance to a new number till we have satisfied ourselves beyond doubt that you are the owner of both the old and new mobile number, a difficult task indeed.

The easiest way to move your balances would be to do so yourself when you have access to both your old and new number.

In the rare case that you cannot get a new SIM card with your old mobile number, please contact us.

We will normally follow the below steps:

1) Ensure that the old mobile number is inactive for a reasonable period of time, min 7 days but could easily be more.

2) In case you are a verified user (that is you have submitted your PAN card details) then we will ask you to again submit the PAN card. We would also ask you to re-verify your email address. Hence, if you are a verified user, the process would be faster.

3) In case you are not a verified user, we shall ask for more information on a case to case basis. 


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    Deepankar Biswas

    I am a verified user and the bonafide owner of both my registered Mobile No 9039076661 and the number on which I wish the account to be shifted 9961176661. Wonder how the ticket generated was closed without recourse or resolution.

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