Why there is a difference in Indian price and international price?

Bitcoin price fluctuations on the bitcoin exchanges are driven by many factors. Below you will find the answers to the questions related to bitcoin price that is most often asked by our users:

What factors determine bitcoin prices?

Bitcoin prices depend on a lot of factors like international prices, market volatility, overall demand and supply in India and Zebpay’s internal order book.

Why is there a difference in Indian price and international price?

At times, the Indian prices, both buy and sell prices, are 5-10 % higher than international market. This happens when there is high demand for bitcoins in India and sellers are not ready to sell cheap. Similarly, there are days when Indian prices, again both buy and sell prices, are lower than the international market.

It is important to note that, even in the international market at times, there is 5% gap between China and USA price and there are price gaps even within USA exchanges.

How do we get assured that Zebpay provides a fair price?

Zebpay works hard to ensure our users get best rates in India compared to other exchanges and trading platforms. We try to keep thin spreads and have implemented smart price algorithms which control and determine best prices based on both external and internal factors.

We understand the anxiety in the mind of a user when he finds bitcoin prices on Zebpay exchange different from international prices, but please be rest assured we do everything possible to keep prices as close to international markets.

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