How do I protect my Zebpay account?

For your account security you can use below guide to protect your account.

  1. Use strong pin, do not use pin like 1111. Do not store pin on your mobile. If you have received PIN reset sms on your mobile, please delete that message. If you lose your PIN or expose it, your account may get compromised. Securing your PIN is your responsibility and never share your PIN with anyone including Zebpay.
  2. You can lock all outgoing transactions from your account using settings -> security settings -> lock outgoing bitcoin transactions

You can anytime enable it again using PIN and SMS OTP verification.

  1. Use PIN to lock your app. In that case app will verify your PIN when you open app. Go to settings -> security settings -> pin lock
  2. Never install any sketchy , unknown app on your device. Do not lose control of your phone.
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